The UFTO was designed in collaboration with patients, doctors, nurses and resuscitation officers . The study preformed to assess its impact used version 21, and further changes have been made since then, with particular improvement to the back of the form; the version on the website is version 23.

We welcome suggestions (email for further improvements; the UFTO will benefit from evolving further from the input of other institutions and individuals.

We are happy for modifications to be made to suit particular institutions with our permission (please email).

There are, however, several elements which we believe need to be maintained in order for the UFTO to retain its purpose and its potential benefit:

  1. It must be Universal ( completed for all or with all in-patients)
  2. The colours must be as designed, with a lack of red. We understand that printing costs/electronic systems may prohibit the use of blocks of colour, and we would be happy with the outline of the boxes being in the given colours (an alternative pdf in this format can be obtained from us)
  3. The clinical details and details of discussion should precede the documentation of decisions
  4. The maintenance of a positive choice of treatments to be given: active treatment or optimal supportive care
  5. The name ‘ Universal Form of Treatment Options’ should be used, with reference to the copyright.

The copyright of the UFTO form is held by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  If you wish to adapt the form you will need to seek permission to do so.